Broke College Boys Video

Last updated: May 17th, 2017
Hey there once again guys and gals. We promised you another broke college boys video this week, and it’s time to deliver on that promise as you well know. Well here we are with it and it’s just as amazing and sexy as always too. You know that this is the best place to visit if you want to see some horny college dudes fucking and this scene sure fits the bill quite well too. As you already know, the guys around here are not shy about fucking each other hard style on cameras and you as always, get front row seats to the whole shows they have going on. Let’s get this show on the road and see them in action once more with this hot video!

What you can see this week in the video is a threesome with just three guys while the rest were busy filming the whole thing. You see, one of them that’s more of an anal slut, bragged about being able to take two cocks in his ass at the same time and the others got curious. So cameras were busted out and the guy set out to prove himself. Sit back and watch as he gets two other studs to fuck him both in the ass at the same time and watch that naughty butt of his getting a nice and thorough stretching this fine afternoon everyone. Enjoy it and do take your time to check out the past scenes that we have for some more kinky action too! For similar videos and pics, enter the blog and have fun fun watching other hot gay guys fucking!

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Broke College Boys – Bathroom Orgy

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to another new and hot broke college boys update. We are sure you will be impressed with this scene today too. Why you may ask? Well because today you get to see a nice and hot video with guys fucking instead of just pictures. We wanted to switch things around and see how it goes and this is what we came up with. Be sure that from this day onward, you can enjoy your hot gay content from both video and images alike. So let’s not delay today and see some more superb studs having some action going down in the bathroom with one another as they spend the whole afternoon having sex.

The video starts off with some guys enjoying the game on TV while some moans start coming out of the bathroom. Well it seems that two of the college jocks were getting busy with some sexual action and some of the others wanted in on the thing themselves. So of course, what ended up happening, was the guy who was getting his ass fucked, got to have all of the guys take turns to fuck him nice and hard this evening. See them taking turns to fuck him nice and hard in the ass today in the video and enjoy it. Come back next week for some more and rest assured that that will be one more amazing video as well everyone! For similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics, check out the blog and watch hot Samuel sucking cocks and getting ass fucked!

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College Gangbang

Well we promised you some more all new and hot broke college boys scenes this week and here we are with more. And what a update it is too. You see, in this scene you get to see a superb gangbang scene with every guy in the frat house getting to take part as well. This is usually how they spend their Friday afternoons until it’s time to party through the weekend. Let’s get to see the action with them today as it’s just too amazing. If you want something a bit more tame, consider checking out some of our past scenes as well where you can see another cute guy fucked as well. But do try this one out for size as well as one might say too!

Anyway, let’s get back to the scene and hand and see more in detail what went down with our horny studs today. The group was formed from a total of no less than eight guys and you can bet your ass that all of them were super horny and eager to have some sexual fun too. Well one guy out of them had to be the guy getting fucked, and it seems to be the guy with the big muscles and the tattoos. He at times likes to take it in the ass too, so he was very happy to let his buddies fuck him nice and hard all day long from behind today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will be seeing you soon once more with all new and hot broke college boys scenes! Check out the site for similar anal sex videos and pics!



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Broke College Boys – Hot New Guy

This isn’t quite the regular broke college boys scene that you are used to seeing here. Yes, you still get to watch some sexy studs have some steamy gay sex as well for today but things are a bit different. You see, this week, the frat house has a new face, so the green horn has to be taught the rules around here and his ass needs to be used to taking some nice and big cocks too. Well some of the best guys at the frat house are on the case and they make sure to take care of this new guy and teach him everything that he needs to know. Of course he’d also get compensation in the end too as he managed to blow his money all as soon as he got here.


The scene starts off with these studs lining up on the couch all naked as the new guy gets to try out his oral skills as well. And you just need to see him at work as he starts to suck and slurp on the nice and big cocks today. But as you can guess, that was just the start. Then you can see him getting his every hole filled with hard cock, and of course, he gets thoroughly fucked and pounded all afternoon long too. We know that you will love this one and rest assured that you will get to see some more superb scenes just like this one in the future as well. Wanna see other hot gay guys fucking? If you do, check out the site!  Have fun as usual and stay tuned for our next scenes coming soon next week everyone!

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The Broke Guy

Well here we are once more and like usual we have some more new and hot broke college boys scenes for you with more of what you guys love to see. Namely broke guys getting to do some kinky stuff for help from their buddies. Well like the title says this guy needed some help and the guys were happy to be of service in exchange for some services of their own from this guy today. They were quite in the mood to get their cocks sucked by some juicy lips and his would do nicely today too. So let’s get to watch them going to the kitchen and seeing how this broke college stud got to take care of these guys and their problem for this superb afternoon scene today!

The trio of guys in need of blowjobs, lined up nicely and you can bet that they were all eager to get to have their dicks sucked. See the guy starting off with the blue shirt guy and watch as he takes his time with each and every one of them making sure that they moan in pleasure as he sucks them off in turns. And be sure that he did that until he got each and every one to shoot his load all over his cute face too. So have fun watching this broke guy sucking some cocks for cold hard cash this day today and do make sure to not skip a single image in this update. It’s just soo good., just like the videos from the nextdoorbuddies blog! Anyway, we’ll see you next week as always with more!


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Broke College Boys – The Pretty Boy

Another fresh week and time to see some more new broke college boys in action for this scene as well. It seems that the prettyboy on campus finally got around to visit the special frat house to ask for some help and the guys here, well you know what they’re all about. So naturally he’d get what he wants, but only if they got what they wanted first, which of course, was to sink their meat poles in his ass and have his lips working on their big hard cocks for the afternoon as well. Like always, let’s get the show going, we know that you guys are very very eager to see the scene too and this one is truly amazing and hot too, so let’s start off.

broke college boys the pretty boy

This broke guy is looking quite good and you can bet that the frat house guys were feeling the same way too. So they were very very happy to get to have fun with this guy and his nice ass for the afternoon. Watch the guy getting his ass licked and prepped for a nice and big cock as he continues to suck off the guy with the blue shirt making him moan in pleasure with his expertly made blowjob. He may just have found a new talent. Anyway, have fun seeing him double fucked from both ends today eventually and taking both huge loads all over him from the guys that were fucking him so good today. We’ll be seeing you guys next week with another new gallery! If you can’t wait until then, check out the men over 30 site and see some kinky old guys fucking!

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Gay DP

This week’s scene is truly a must see if you want to watch more broke college boys in some kinky action as well. Sit back and enjoy the scene with no less than three that had the afternoon off and since they were getting bored they decided to have a nice and hard fuck session in a passionate threesome for you and the cameras. They were just amazing to see in action and we know you will agree as there’s simply no better example of awesomeness with guys like them fucking hard. So let’s get those cameras rolling today and see how the trio here got to spend their afternoon in each other’s company without delay.

The scene starts off with the guys in the living room and on the couch as they were just about to start getting undressed for their sex session. Rest assured that there’s plenty of passionate kissing and caressing too as they get undressed and it’s just the best thing to see them engage in as well. Well one of the dudes had to be on the receiving end, so watch him spread his legs to get fucked missionary style by one dude, while he himself, continued to suck off the third guy. Take your time with this amazing and hot threesome fuck and as always, come back soon for some more all new and fresh updates with more hot studs! We will see you then so stay tuned and make sure to catch it everyone. Until then, enter the she plays with her cock site and see some cock hungry t-girls getting roughly hammered!


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Broke College Boys – Face Fuck

Today it’s time to  see more new and hot broke college boys scenes with broke studs from college that get to do some wild things with eager fuck buddies on cam for some cold hard cash. Today we have another eager one here to play as this gay stud is always down to party hard. Also you can check out some of our past scenes too and you can get to see some nice after class fucking with more college studs as well and you will get to enjoy quite the amazing gay fuck galleries with that too. Anyway let’s get this one on the road and see how the group of three ended up spending the day this fine afternoon today. We can guarantee you’ll love it too.

broke college boys face fuck

As the scene starts off, you can see the stud making his entry and of course, the buddies were waiting for him eagerly to start off his work on their cocks. Watch closely and see him whipping out their cocks to suck them. Then he gets to take his spot on top of one of the guys and as the latter starts to pound his nice and fine ass, the other still has his  lips wrapped on his big cock. So watch this hot stud getting penetrated in every hole for money and have fun with the nice and hot scene. We will see you next week as per usual with some all new and hot galleries that you will get to view. See you then and bye bye for now! Also you might enter the blog and see some sexy trannies getting screwed!

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Broke Guy Gets Fucked

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to an all new and hot broke college boys scene today as well. You will recall that last week you got to see a hot exchange student stud got to visit his buddies in the frat house and had some special fun with them all afternoon long. Well this scene is much like that as well, but there’s another guy in his situation this time. And rest assured that the other guys around made sure to catch all this on cameras as well, as the guy got to be the main focus of a nice gangbang today. So let’s take the time and see him taking his turn to be fucked nice and hard in the ass this afternoon shall we?

Well like we said, it’s pretty much the same deal as last time and it sure makes for some amazing scenes to see. Let’s check it out and watch the action as the guy also gets to drop down some pants and starts sucking cocks with a passion to get them nice and hard. After that, you get to see the other jocks eagerly taking turns to have some fun with his ass and they sure loved taking their time to fuck his naughty tight ass this afternoon too. Well, what more can we say, we hope that you enjoyed the stay and we’ll be back soon as per usual with more all new and hot broke college boys scenes for you so stay tuned to catch them all everyone. For similar content, check out some free chaosmen porn videos and pics. Have fun!


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Broke Exchange Student

Hey there guys, broke college boys is back this week once more with all new scenes for you. We are back with some more new and fresh updates and you can bet that they are sizzling hot. This week you get to see one exchange student that was left with little money and he had to go around to ask for help. Well he came to this frat house and the studs there were more than happy to help out. For a price. Of course, that would be he ass, so the guy accepted anyway, since he’s kind of into that anyway, cause he is a really sex addicted, just like the guys from FraternityX site, so let’s sit back and enjoy a nice and classy fuck scene today as he gets to have his ass pleased by a nice and big meat pole for the afternoon.


The scene starts off with him undressing for this other muscled stud and of course, you also get to watch him sucking on the guy’s nice and big cock with a passion as well. So enjoy the simply amazing and superb oral that offers as then when he gets the cock nice and hard, he bends over a chair ready to take it in the ass. Have fun watching him moan in pleasure as the muscled jock fucks him doggie style today and have fun with it. We think that you may see this guy in future broke college boys updates too since he was so eager to get that tight ass of his fucked hard today too. Anyway, we’ll see you next week with some more new and hot scenes everyone! If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s episode, check out the site and watch some ripped hunk fucking each other senseless!

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